Final Refection,

The world we live in has become fast passed with new technologies and gadgets increasing daily, it is definitely hard to keep up to date in the evolving digitalised world.

Through the creation of my very first blog I was introduced to new programs, WordPress and Tellagami, both of which I found to be very challenging.

As you can see I experienced some challenges with WordPress some of which include; re ordering of blogs, uploading recorded Tellagami as videos and changing colours and fonts on the blogs.

Thanks to the assistance of YouTube tutorials I was able to insert videos, add text, links and photos on to my blog. Although frustrating at times, the final product was rewarding.

I can see the potential a blog can provide to both teachers and students, especially in sharing their knowledge and ideas with each other. I am looking forward to expanding my blogging skills for both education and personal use.

I will certainly be making use of Tellagami, this program can be used for a variety of different classroom discussions.

I feel that recording student’s voices would enhance both their enjoyment and involvement. This program would be beneficial for students of any age.

Creating a playful learning environment in the classroom can encourage both students and teachers to engage with each other. Howell (2012) states “should enable learners to create something, and that something should be a rich learning task that is complex, embedded in the curriculum and offers opportunities for development that are beyond knowledge acquisition”


References –

Howell, J. (2012). Teaching with ICT: Digital pedagogies for collaboration & creativity. South Melbourne, VIC: Oxford University Press.



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